House/Cluster points are earned when people from Honors housing are active within the Honors community — attending Honors events, completing challenges, sharing experiences/knowledge, etc. These points are calculated based on a percentage of the people from each section that get involved, so it’s to your best advantage to be active community members and bring your floormates to events if you can.

Both the Honors Houses (i.e., Barton Anders, Lyon Harwood, and Martin Starbuck) and the Honors Clusters (i.e., Geoffroy Ebbers-Day and Friley Lorch-Russell) qualify for the competition.

The winning section will get a pizza party!

Oct 26
House Points 10-16
final 2020-2021 house points scoreboard
Apr 11
final 2020-2021 house points scoreboard
2019-2020 House Scoreboard
2018-2019 House Scoreboard
2017-2018 House Scoreboard
2016-2017 House Scoreboard