What We Do


The Honors Student Board (HSB) is a branch of the University Honors Program committed to providing students with opportunities and experiences outside of the normal academic programming. HSB is a social avenue with a wide variety of events, a leadership opportunity with committees anyone can join, an outlet to give back with philanthropic activities, and a way for Honors students to shape their Honors experience.

Simply put, HSB is here to help grow and support the Honors community in any way possible.

Get Involved


No matter your interests, background, or skills, there is certainly a way for you to get involved with HSB! In addition to HSB’s committees, all HSB executive meetings are open to the Honors community. This means that any Honors student can come to an HSB executive meeting and have their voice heard — if they so desire.

If you would like to know more information regarding opportunities with HSB, you can reach us at hsb@iastate.edu or fill out this web-enabled contact form.



The HSB committees plan a variety of events for Honors students with a wide range of interests each semester. These events also almost always have free food and are a great way to meet other Honors students while taking a break from studying! In addition, students in Honors housing earn house/cluster points throughout the academic year while Honors 121 students and their FHP Leaders earn FHP points for their section during the fall semesters. You can check the calendar to see what events are coming up soon.

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"Inspiring Today's Learners to be Tomorrow's Leaders"

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Student Perspectives


"I appreciate the effort that they put into us getting the most out of the Honors program. It makes me happy to be a part of it." - Ann Taylor

"HSB does a great job of providing opportunities to promote community among honors students. The work that HSB does allows us to participate in fun and interesting events." - Karen Selof

"I'm HONORS: 1). Highly motivated 2). Out-of-the-box 3). Neat 4). Open-minded 5). Respectful 6). Supportive" Meg Grice

"To me, HSB is an organization where people offer their time and talents to make a positive impact on the Honors program. We've all gotten some pretty amazing things out of our involvement with Honors, and HSB is a way for us to make sure we leave Honors better than we found it." - Kourtney Kostecki

"As an underclassmen HSB was the organization that fostered camaraderie and teamwork within our floor and FHP sections, and now they are the opportunity to catch up with those friends I don't see as often." - Cody Hancock