House Scoreboards

House points are earned when people from honors housing come to honors events. Both the honors houses (Barton Anders, Lyon Harwood and Martin Starbuck) and the honors clusters (Geoffroy Ebbers-Day and Friley Lorch-Russell) qualify for the competition. The points are calculated based on a percentage of the people that show up, so it’s to your best advantage to bring your floormates to events with you if you can. For example, Starbuck has 82 people on the floor, so if 8 people come to an honors event, the house would get 10 points because 8 is 10% of 82.

The winning house will get a pizza party!
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Last updated – 8/29/2019 

Fall 2019 House Points:

House/ClusterFall 19 Total PointsIce Cream SocialSalon (Adams)Dystopia-Fest
Les Quizerables
J & J
Trippin on That Trivia
PP Karaoke
Donuts & Drip
Ice Skating
Grandma Mojo's
Barton Anders346661237154120172444154115
Lyon Harwood24551775455531382279
Marton Starbuck1233501629818200140
Friley Lorch-Russell122300888555228165
Geoffroy Ebbers-Day13535451197125234192

Spring 2020 House Points:

House/ClusterSpring 2020 Total House Points
Geoffroy Ebbers-Day
Friley Lorch-Russell
Lyon Harwood
Martin Starbuck
Barton Anders